Winter is coming…. Get your photos and camera’s rolling!

Welcome Corvette lovers everywhere. Trips to snow covered roads in North America
are in our plans, we want to include you! Take photo’s, make home video’s and share your winter wonderland experience at Ice Road

Look for the, “Ice Road Corvette” to be on the road this winter – when it snows, around Snowshoe, West Virginia, traveling along the roads through North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, or who knows… Vancover or somewhere in Canada, or Alaska, hey, you just never know.

Winter will be here soon, please visit us often. Look for more photo’s in the coming months to start showing up on the gallery along with actual video shot from inside the Corvette during its snow trips.

Follow the adventures of [ICE ROAD-1] this winter….. If we wreck it, we’ll post that also, along with an explanation of what not to do. Driving on snow does have its own unique learning curve.

Ice Road Corvettes, staff and company.

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